To Tweet, or Not To Tweet …

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Before I begin introducing or strengthening poetry skills, I wanted to talk about something I am working on now. As an emerging author, book sales loom near the forefront of every thought. But money isn’t everything. I’m a poet, first and foremost. What I want more than anything can be summed up in one word: relationships.

Connecting to people via social media creates a rare and unique avenue to traverse. To obtain these relationships, I’ll be specifically talking about Twitter.

Making relationships means so much more than just selling a book. By chatting and interacting with those sharing like interests, you become a real person, someone approachable and genuine. When I follow someone on Twitter, my goal is to engage with them. Offer my input on ideas they have. What do we both have in common? What differences make us both unique? Build it, and they will come. That’s a major oversimplification, but it’s true. I’m up numerous followers, and my fellow Stitchers are, too. If you’re out there giggling and laughing at me, I’m ok with that. But you’d better follow me on Twitter! No, I’m joking. FOLLOW ME … Seriously, if you run across me in your feed, or randomly quoting your tweet, its an open invitation into my crazy poetical world. I want to know you. I want to know your friends. People make my poetry tick, not money. I know, we all want to be rich someday. But hey, I’ll take my payday in people profits. Until next time, happy tweeting!
Next week, a deeper look into iambic tetrameter!

Thanks to the wonderful wisdom of Jackie Chin at Stitched Smile Publications, LLC, this has become my ongoing project. This blog wouldn’t be complete without a poem to express the struggles and joys of my mission!

Sitting on Twitter with a lot on my mind
Looking at people till my eyes just go blind
Seeking and searching, hey, I’ll follow them, too
Twenty folks later, and at last I found you
Hit the “like” button, being sure I’m engaged
Some of you follow; others somewhat enraged
Building that bridge out of a toothpick and straw
Then somebody retweets; my heart is in awe …


Author: JamesMatthewByers

James Matthew Byers resides in Odenville, Alabama. He has been published in poetry journals and through Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL, where he received his Master's in 2010. His epic poem, Beowulf: The Midgard Epic, is out from by Stitched Smile Publications, LLC. Mr. Byers is published in numerous magazines, anthologies, and eZines. He has also won numerous poetry contests for the Alabama State Poetry Society.

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