Beowulf: The Midgard Horrors Part 5

At last the adventure continues …

The remnants of Cain’s vast descent
Examined her with their knees bent.
As Alva Dagmar came to be,
The offspring of a deity
Inbred with such a demonic flare.
The child of Angrboda’s dare;
Her father Loki’s lavished glee,
And thus she shared her line with three-
The Midgard Serpent, seething snake,
As well as Fenrir, wolf to make
An end for Odin one fine day.
And Jörmungandr, too, would slay
A deity well known as Thor.
And that left Hel, half flesh and gore.
The ruler over all the dead,
Importing souls to bind her thread.
And lastly, Alva Dagmar came …
A dragon spirit’s burning flame.
Unlike the others, all her heart
So beat for Midgard from the start.
A mission simple in its stead-
To fill the lands with hate and dread.
Enamored by the scale and tooth,
She crafted dragons as her proof:
No other of her kinsmen’s shared
The gift for forging creatures snared
Within the wake of their design.
For this, the dragon wraith could sign
And set herself apart as one
Akin to Loki, deeding done
The manner of the gods in craft.
Exceeding measures in each draft,
Perplexing those whose worldly ways
Created from the dawn of days,
The measure Alva Dagmar craved
Succeeded in the paths she paved.
And there before the chosen few,
The Midgard horrors, kneeling to
Respect the deity in sight.
Thus Gandolina’s scheme took flight,
Enlisting now her siblings, three,
And best of all, her deity.
A nephew and another beast
Completing those to share her feast.
Before the world, her eager swell
Expressing lust in every spell
In short would change the face of man.
And so she offered up her plan …


Author: JamesMatthewByers

James Matthew Byers resides in Odenville, Alabama. He has been published in poetry journals and through Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL, where he received his Master's in 2010. His epic poem, Beowulf: The Midgard Epic, is out from by Stitched Smile Publications, LLC. Mr. Byers is published in numerous magazines, anthologies, and eZines. He has also won numerous poetry contests for the Alabama State Poetry Society.

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