The Transformation


Beowulf: The Midgard Horrors will return next week. Here’s a little piece of flash poetry to get you barking at the moon! Enjoy!

The Transformation

Sinews extend and crack to be remade
Reformed beneath the fullness of the moon
And heaven’s tide above the world displayed
Ignites the growing hunger’s vicious boon
Incisors gnash and gnaw as they extend
Excruciating pain within the maw
The clawing fingers make a curvy bend
Replacing hands within a larger paw
A howl persuades the deer beyond to flee
The transformation reeks of bloody flesh
Benevolence has gone and she is free
No longer bound within a human mesh
The werewolf stands in beams of squeamish light
Emasculating every man in sight


Author: JamesMatthewByers

James Matthew Byers resides in Odenville, Alabama. He has been published in poetry journals and through Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL, where he received his Master's in 2010. His epic poem, Beowulf: The Midgard Epic, is out from by Stitched Smile Publications, LLC. Mr. Byers is published in numerous magazines, anthologies, and eZines. He has also won numerous poetry contests for the Alabama State Poetry Society.

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